Port Moody, North Port Moody, BC, Dog Off-Leash

Port Moody has unfenced, natural areas. All dogs using these areas are to be under the verbal control of their handlers.
City Tel: 604-469-4541

Anmore has that famous “Buntzxen Lake”!


Fenced Dog Off-Leash Parks

  • Rocky Point Park, 2800 Murray St, Port Moody, get in Murray St, Fully fenced.

Water Access Dog Off-Leash (no fence)

  • Buntzen Lake, Anmore
    Go up on Ioco Rd, Port Moody, Anmore, BC,
    Gorgeous lake. Good for swimming! Go after 3PM to prevent from the parking difficulty in summer. No fence.

Dog Off-Leash Parks (no fence)

  • Hugh Street, Port Moody
  • Bert Flinn Park, David Ave, Port Moody, @Heritage Mountain Blvd
  • Westhill Park, 203 Westhill Pl, Port Moody, A short dog-off-leash trail. 10 minutes to end all of it. But, dogs love to run around more than 10 times!?
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