North Vancouver, BC, Dog Off-Leash

North Vancouver has only one fenced dog park, but logs of trails where you can let dogs run! Enjoy the nature with happy dogies! Caution! Bears, cougars & coyotes!


Fenced Dog Off-Leash Parks

  • Kings Mill Walk Dog Park, 1122 Spirit Trail, North Vancouver

Dog Off-Leash Parks & Trails (no fence)

  • Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver
  • Cates Park, 4141 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver
  • Bridgman Park, near Lynnmouth Ave, North Vancouver,
  • Princess Park, near E St James Rd, North Vancouver,
  • Hunter Park, near Milton Ave, North Vancouver, off-leash trail between Williams and Chaucer
  • Mosquito Creek, North of Queens @ west of Westview, North Vancouver, Upper part of Mosquito Creek trail is off leash. North of Queens and West of Westview. Access from Bewicke. A nice trail, uphill but slow grade.
  • Inter-River Park, 1299 Premier St, North Vancouver, Dogs can be off-leash except fenced soccer fields mostlikly 24 hours. Why not enjoy hiking with your dog(s) from Inter-River to Lynn Canyon for hours. Parking: end of Premier St or Lillooet Rd @ bet. Purcell & Skeena
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