About us

Meetpaws.com was established to increase the number of happy dogs in British Columbia, Canada in 2006. Later on, the website expanded to major cities and areas in both Canada & US. We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and secured as family members. We believe that the information of this website could help you to get useful information for you and your dogs to live together.

HOW/WHY Meetpaws.com was started?
In 2005, someone was taking his loverly dog to a puppy training class, where was 40km away from home in the suburb of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. Every weekend, he drove through busy bridges, passed a couple of city centres, and drove more in a farm area to get the destination. I asked “Why?” He said, “That’s the closest dog trainer available I found on Yellow Page. I had no choice.”

…. He was right. He did his best for his puppy. At the same time, we realized that there was a lack of the information of the pet services. The situation inspired us to put all the useful pet business together and to publish Meetpaws.com in order to share the valuable information with other dog lovers.

Now, pet business owners find & contact Meetpaws.com for listing their business. We feel grateful to have all of our partners & web visitors. Thank you for everything to increase happy doggies & dog lovers.