Nanaimo, Ladysmith, BC, Dog Off-Leash

Nanaimo has gorgeous off-leash beaches and well-maintain fenced parks. They have specific areas and times for dogs to exercise off-leash provided they remain under their owner’s control and that owner’s carry a leash with them at all times.
Nanaimo City: 250-754-4251
Ladysmith City: 250-245-6400


Fenced Dog Off-Leash Parks

  • Beban Park, 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, entrance off Labieux Rd
  • Northfield Park, Parkway Highway @ Northfield,  right behind Visitor Info Centre
  • Wardropper Park, 2957 Departure Bay Rd, Nanaimo, 5 cars can be parked on the small spot on Departure Bay Rd, If full, go to the main parking lots across Bay St, nice ocean view from the hill, a nice bench

Water Access Dog Off-Leash (no fence)

  • Inveremere Beach Park, Inveremere Rd, Nanaimo, @Icarus Dr, Enter from the cul-de-sac, many steps to get down to the beautiful open sandy beach. Avoide high-tide, which wipes the beach away
  • Colliery Dam Park, Wakesiah Ave @ Sixth St, Nanaimo, Enter from Upper Dam parking lot on Nanaimo Lake Rd, Lower Dam is not off-leash
  • Cable Bay Trail, 2645, 2705 Nicola Rd, Nanaimo, up Cedar, Walk through the trail for 2 km down and hit ocean Off leash trail & Swimming!

Dog Off-Leash Parks & Trails (no fence)

  • Westwood Lake, Use the parking lots on Abot Rd (West side of the lake) to make a short cut. Walk the trails for about 1 km to find off-leash sign under the Power line.
  • Beaufort Park, 69 Lorne Pl, Nanaimo, A short trail in the residential area.
  • Diver Lake Park – the field will be off-leash between October 1 & April 30. During the summer this area will be utilized as a sports field.
  • St. George Ravine Park, St Geroge St, Nanaimo
  • May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park, 6700 Dover Rd @ 6780 Dover Rd, Nanaimo, Enter the forest/trails from Dickinson Rd @ Schook Rd
  • Transfer Beach Park, Transfer Beach Blvd off, Ladysmith, @ Robers St down to the water front
  • Holland Creek Trail, Dogwood Rd / Mackie Rd, Ladysmith
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