How is the order of the listings determined?

4 basic factors used

  • Paid listing or not
    *Paid listing means that CD$30 was paid as an one-time administration fee in the past
  • Meetpaws’ Facebook followers or not
  • Link to or not
  • The counts of viewers and voted-up toward the business single pages

The examples of listing hierarchy

The order listings are shown in, starting from highest and going down to lowest, based on the 1 to 6, as below.

  1. Paid listing* + Facebook follower + a link to your website
  2. Paid listing* + Facebook follower or a link to your website
  3. Paid listing*
  4. Previously nominated listing +Facebook follower + a link to your website
  5. Newly Nominated listing to start new provinces or states selected by
  6. Previously nominated listing

How to improve your local listing order

  • Join a paid listing with CD$30 one-time payment! The paid listings will result the high hierarchy respectably at
  • Be meetpaws’ Facebook follower
  • Link to your website

Expect more improvement

  • Write an article!  Minimum 1500 words are required. You can write anything about professional dog care, training, pet friendly hotels, or anything beneficial for happy doggies and dog lovers, please contact us.
  • Be a frequent Facebook follower. Team meetpaws needs your support. Contact us if you are interested in…!


  • Please contact us if you have any questions such as the current status of the specific listing page hierarchy.
  • Listing order varies without notice. We do not guarantee your listing order without individual approval. Please contact us if you have any concerns.