Edmonton, AB, Dog Off-Leash

In Edmonton Tel: 311
Outside Edmonton Tel: 780-442-5311
The following information came from ecmonton.ca

Dog Off-Leash Parks & Trails (no fence)


  • 121 A St. City Level Park, East side of 121A St from 108 to 119 Ave excluding playgrounds at 109A Ave and 112 Ave
  • Lauderdale, South end of Grand Trunk Park from 127 to 129 Ave and 113A to 109 St
  • Orval Allen Park and Berm, Berm east of 127 St from 153 to 167A Ave plus Orval Allen Park.
  • Valleyview Drive, Boulevard on top of river bank from 89A to 92Ave
  • Dovercourt and Woodcroft East boulevard on 142 St from 115 Ave to Yellowhead Tr
  • Caernarvon, South boulevard on 15
  • Wellington Park, West boulevard on 141 St from 137 to 132 Ave, south side of 132 Ave and 135 St
  • Callingwood, Park at 172 St. from 70 Ave area confined to the bush area only; the shale walk outside is not off-leash.
  • Lago Lindo Pipeline, 88 St north of 167 Ave, northwest to 95 St and 175 Ave, excluding school sites
  • Elsinore Pipeline, Between 97 and 99 St and north of 176 Ave


  • Prince Rupert (119 St), East boulevard from 108 to 111 Ave (excluding playground) and 112 to 114 Ave
  • Fraser, 18 St right-of-way from 144 to 153 Ave
  • Eastwood Park, The Off Leash Park is West of 85 Street and North of 119 Ave
  • Montrose Berm, Montrose berm from 66 St – 58St South side of road along Yellowhead Trail


  • Belgravia, Saskatchewan Dr top of bank from University Ave south to the west side of a tree stand across from the intersection at 202 Saskatchewan Dr South and the lower trail to the footbridge
  • Royal Gardens Pipeline Corridor, Boulevard from Whitemud Dr and Royal Rd to 111 St and 43 Ave
  • Saddleback Road (Steinhauer/Sweet Grass), 29A Ave along powerline, across 119 St to edge of Whitemud Park
  • Ermineskin, East berm from 29A Aveto 34 Ave on 111 St
  • Duggan and Rideau Park Roadway, East side of 111 St and 34 Ave north to Whitemud Dr, southeast side to 106 St
  • Blue Quill North and East, South side of 34 Ave from 119 St to 111 St and west side of 111St from 34 Ave to Saddleback Rd.
  • Keheewin Blackmud, Pipeline corridor, 104 St and 20 Ave to south end of 109 St, Excludes Bearspaw Dr West, Excludes Blackmud Creek and Ravine, below the bank


  • 91 St Right-of-Way, East side of berm on 91 St starting on the west side of 10 Ave. and 81 St, north to Whitemud Dr and east to 76 St on south side of berm on Whitemud Dr
  • Mill Woods Pipeline Corridor, Whitemud Dr. and 34 St to Hillview Cres at 58 St, and 34 Ave, excluding ravine crossing
  • Larkspur Pipeline Corridor, Undeveloped land along 25 St from Whitemud D to south Mill Creek.
  • Hazeldean, North boulevard on 68 Ave from 93 to 99 St
  • Jackie Parker Recreation Area, South of service road and west of 50 St and 44 Ave, some restrictions
  • Mill Creek Ravine South, From 50 St and 42 Ave, to 34 St and 34 Ave, some restrictions

[River Valley NW]

  • Buena Vista / Great Meadow, North of Laurier Park and Buena Vista Dr., south of Melton Ravine, some restrictions
  • Patricia Ravine, Lowest hiking trail between Patricia Heights, Rio Terrace and Westridge from Whitemud Dr to river
  • Cromdale, North side of Kinnaird Ravine, 78 to 79 St Access of 112 Ave
  • Jasper Ave and Riverbank, Top of riverbank from 82 to 91 St

[River Valley NE]

  • Dawson Park, Dawson Park and granular trail on north side of Dawson Bridge to Capilano Bridge to 50 St, on-leash for crossing bridges
  • Kennedale Ravine, Ravine west of 40 St loop west to 47 St and to top of bank
  • Hermitage Park North, Multi-use area in valley north of fishing pond and picnic area. 129 Ave to 137 Ave, also 22 St along riverbank

[River Valley SW]

  • Terwillegar Park, Park access via Rabbit Hill Rd.
  • Hawrelak Trail, Multi-use granular trail from 76 Ave to footbridge.
  • Brander Gardens Pipeline Corridor Walkway, The utility corridor west of Whitemud Drive to a point west of Riverbend Rd at the first walkway connecting south to 58 Ave

[River Valley SE]

  • Mill Creek Ravine North, Access is from 68 Ave and 93 St (west side of Argyll Park) or north side parking lot of Argyll Park
  • Gold Bar Hiking Trail, Capilano Amenity Building north side, east along lower granular trail to Rundle footbridge; excluding shelter and picnic area
  • Capilano Hiking Trail, Capilano Bridge, lower granular trail east to Hardisty Dr and 56 St
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